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Sparta Mountain WMA Trail and Site Closure

New Jersey Fish and Wildlife | January 29, 2024

New Jersey Fish and Wildlife

A 25-acre area that includes just over ¼ mile of trail on the eastern side of Sparta Mountain WMA will be temporarily closed to the public on or about February 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024.  

Please remove any tree stands, blinds, or other items remaining in this area before work begins, pay attention to the posted signs in this area, and do not enter the posted area. A map of the area is attached and can be found online

The purpose of the temporary closure is for a habitat restoration project that will open the forest canopy to allow for the growth of young oak and hickory trees, blackberries, sedges, and a variety of other native shrub and sapling plants. This habitat will become breeding and/or foraging habitat for numerous wildlife, including the 80 different bird species that have been observed using other sites of restored open-canopy forest on Sparta Mountain WMA. 

NJ Fish & Wildlife regrets having to close the area. However, during previous management activities, spectators entering the work area and disregarding posted signs created significant safety concerns that result in the current closure during the entire work period. 

More information about habitat restoration activities can be found on our websites:



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