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Artist Greg Hildebrandt Enters “Famous Folks” Exhibit

September 07, 2023 | Lake Hopatcong News

Greg and Jean Hildebrandt at Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum during event.
Greg and Jean Hildebrandt at Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum during event.

The Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum celebrated a special evening on August 23, 2023 with the unveiling of a new portion of its “Famous Folks” exhibit. The addition honors internationally renowned artist Greg Hildebrandt, a long-time lake resident. Hildebrandt is the first living person recognized in the exhibit, which also commemorates such past Lake Hopatcong notables as Lotta Crabtree, Hudson Maxim, Joe Cook, Rex Beach, Horace Stoneham, and artists Eric Sloane and P.J. Monahan. Museum president Marty Kane noted that the honor was long overdue. 

Greg Hildebrandt first achieved international fame in the mid-1970s, working alongside his twin brother, the late Tim Hildebrandt, to produce some of the most widely recognized images in the fantasy and science fiction genres. The Brothers Hildebrandt are credited as two of the founders of the fantasy art genre. Their illustrated trilogy of calendars based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings became a tremendous commercial success and earned the brothers worldwide acclaim. In 1977, their work attracted the attention of George Lucas, then a young film director in need of dynamic art to promote his new movie. The image the brothers created for Lucas’ film, Star Wars, has become one of the most recognizable movie posters in cinematic history.

Working both independently and together, the Brothers Hildebrandt have created a body of work that is beloved by fans worldwide. Greg Hildebrandt’s solo work includes illustrated literary classics and fairy tales, as well as retro-style pin-up art and the album covers and concert art he continues to create as the exclusive artist for the progressive rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Along with his wife, Jean, Hildebrandt has resided in Hopatcong for over 30 years, where he continues to paint prolifically.

The Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum is located on the grounds of Hopatcong State Park in the Landing section of Roxbury. The museum offers an entertaining and enlightening look at the history of New Jersey’s largest lake. More information can be found at More information on Greg Hildebrandt and his amazing art can be found at


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