JEFFERSON – The snake in the lake story is growing but the snake has yet to be captured.
On Friday morning, two reporters from the television show Chasing New Jersey, a kind of Weird New Jersey meets TMZ news show that airs on My9 New Jersey, were at the Main Lake Market on South New Jersey Avenue to meet with local resident Bob Kays.
Apparently through the magic of social media, reporter Jessica Nutt found contact information for Kays and after a brief conversation about the rumored snake, a reported 10 to 15-foot long boa constrictor, asked if Kays would be willing to give a boat tour of the area where the snake was spotted twice.
Nutt, along with her Chasing New Jersey colleague Sibile Marcellus, spent most of the morning half seriously interviewing visitors at the Main Lake Market before cruising the shoreline with Kays, hoping for a snake sighting. Kays did his best to not let the eager reporters get their hopes up.
“It’s really tough to find a snake in the water,” said Kays to Marcellus. “They really can blend in.”
According to Marcellus, the snake story is “pretty much the most unusual story” she’s been involved with during her tenure with the Chasing New Jersey show, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary. Nutt agreed saying that this story is one of the more interesting and unusual stories for her.
The snake story will air during tonight’s show which begins at 10pm on Channel 9, said Marcellus. The segment will also be posted on the My9 website late Monday afternoon, she said.

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