The new Prospect Point Park Trail in Jefferson and four Jefferson Township girl scouts have partnered together to make sure the trail is not only people friendly but is dog friendly as well.
IMG_3324The scouts, Drew Miller, Katie Wolfe, and Niki Pepe from Troop 442, and Mackenzie Thumser from Troop 669 are all working toward their Silver Award, the pinnacle achievement for girl scouts. To achieve it, the scouts have to participate in 50 hours each of a community event through “leading, planning and doing,” and one that has staying power, something that will be around in years to come.
Saturday’s Howl-O-Ween Party at Prospect Point Park, billed as a Pet Fair, a Pet Adoption Day and a Family Fun Day and trail dedication was Miller’s project.  With the help of her fellow scouts, there were four vendors, one local author and two pet adoption agencies at the event. The girls also sold their own pet-related goods, including magnets, cat and dog toys and dog cookies. All proceeds from their sales helps fund their Silver Award projects and also to the 11th Hour Rescue and Coming Home Rescue.
“The girls came to us with the idea,” said Mayor Russell Felter. “We were building the trail then the girls came to us with their project. They suggested the dog friendly trail and here we are.”  Waste bag dispensers will be placed along the trail so that dog owners would be able to clean up after their dogs said Miller.
Wolfe’s Silver project is promoting fostering for dogs, and is working with 11th Hour Rescue and Coming Home Rescue. At the moment she is planning a canine related Geo-Cashing event at the Prospect Point Park Trail.
Thumser is working on getting a small dog kennel built on the grounds near the animal shelter on Minisink Road. According to Felter, the kennel will be useful especially for people looking to adopt. It will give families an opportunity to spend time with a dog off leash in an open area.
Pepe’s project was making sure there were pet adoption agencies were present at Jefferson Day back in July and at Saturday’s event.
“The girls each need 50 hours each to complete the requirements for their Silver Awards,” said Linda Pepe, Troop 442 co-leader. “After today’s event they all will have reached their goal but that’s not going to stop them because they love this cause so much.”
The girls will all get their Silver Awards sometime next September.



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