BYRAM - Robert Davidson, Founder and president of the Salt Shakers Trail Running Club recently presented a check in the amount of $11,695 to Mare Galeos, Founder and President of the Sussex County Women's Forum, a Lafayette, NJ based early detection, free mammogram program.
The check was presented on Sunday, Oct. 19 at the Annual Hot Chili 8 Mile Trail Challenge Race held at Kittatinny State Park. The race was sponsored by the SCWF.
The Salt Shakers, a group of about 70 active trail runners, worked all year volunteering and running miles to help raise funds for the organization.
Sussex County Women’s Forum (SCWF) is a 501C (3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women and their families whose lives are impacted by a cancer diagnosis. The SCWF strives to provide early detection services, support and resources to the women of Sussex and surrounding counties.
SCWF is a small grassroots organization that has virtually no overhead with 99.5 percent of all funds raised going directly to the women in need.
The Salt Shakers running group has raised over $25,000 for SCWF over the past five years.
When asked how the group would top the amount raised in 2014, Davidson said, "it will take just a small amount of work from a whole lot of people. As our group grows and knowledge of what we do and what the SCWF does grows, we hope to draw from more and more people."
Information about both organizations is available on Facebook and on their websites, and

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