The forecast was grim, but the nearly 80 riders who participated in the weekend's Garden State Wakeoff weren't held back from thrilling the crowd at Hopatcong State Park with jumps and tricks. Girls' champion Hannah Ashe competes in the finals on Sunday."We could go for some better weather, but everyone's spirits are high and they're riding hard," said event organizer Ryan Sorensen of Lake Hopatcong Marine, who hosted the event for the second year. Wakeoff spectators on the beach at Hopatcong State Park.The wakeoff—in which riders competed both on an individual basis and representing North Jersey and South Jersey—was open to all ages and ability levels, and ran through the day on Saturday and Sunday.  Proceeds went toward the Lake Hopatcong Commission. Sorensen said the event drew many local riders from the lake, but also riders from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pittsburgh, Penn. Riders on Saturday participated in the qualifying round, which allowed the top five from each division more on to the finals on Sunday.  "The weather was far from ideal both days with wind on Saturday and rain on Sunday," said Sorensen, who himself finished in third in the most-advanced "Outlaw" division.Garden State Wakeoff "But enthusiasm was still up among the spectators and competitors.  We lucked out and had smooth water the outlaw division which allowed for a very competitive final among myself and four other riders.  Many difficult tricks were performed among the outlaw riders such as a 540, front mobe, raley, krypt, tootsie roll, tantrum to fakie, and even a dum dum!" At the end of the weekend, the North was crowned champions—repeating its 2008 victory—and have ownership of the championship belt until next year. Results posted below. For more information, go to    

2009 Results North 274 - South 180


1st Shaina Kassaleh 22pts

2nd Arden Kassaleh 18pts

3rd Logan Phelps 16pts 

4th Brittany Barcliff 14pts

5th Connor Phelps 12pts

N 68- S 14


1st Kyle Kassaleh 22pts 

2nd Andrew Allen 18pts

3rd Jeremy Minier 16pts

4th Paul Krameratsch 14pts

5th Kodi Rath 12pts

N 82- S 00


1st Mark Krameraritsch 22pts

2nd Mike Levinson 18pts 

3rd Chris Peel 16pts

4th Rich Thompson 14pts 

5th Shawn Thelin 12pts 

N 66 - S 16


1st Hannah Ashe 22pts

2nd Michele Newman 18pts

3rd Jamie Desena 16pts 

4th Ingrid Aldrige 14pts 

N 26 - S 40


1st Ken Lula 22pts

2nd Jim O'Connor 18pts 

3rd Alex Kinon 16pts

4th Bill Merritt 14pts 

5th Robert Pettit 12pts 

N 44- S 38


1st Brian Sengebush 22pts

2nd Cory Waite 18 pts

3rd Dan Benson 16pts

4th Kyle Pradwdzik 14pts

5th Tommy Desena 12pts

N 50- S 32


1st Scott Hopkins 22pts

2nd Jeff Barton 18pts

3rd Ryan Sorensen 16pts

4th Paulie Koch 14pts

5th Jack Welch 12pts

6th Jacob Ashe

N 38- S 44

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