To Basking Ridge residents Jon Decker and Julius Trombino, Lake Hopatcong is something to sing about.

Trombino and Decker present their CD at the Lake Hopatcong Commission meeting on July 20. "The lake is definitely a place close to our hearts," said Decker, who wrote the lyrics and created the song 'Lake Hopatcong,' a pop ballad about childhood memories at Lake Hopatcong. Friend and vocalist Trombino is the voice behind the song. Inspired by the ongoing press about low water levels and troubled businesses on the lake, thne duo produced the song for a cause. "I was motivated by the struggles of lakeside business owners with the economic downturn and low lake levels putting a strain on business," said Decker. Coupling this support of local businesses with their love of music, Decker and Trombino created the song and have been working to get it heard. "We want to raise awareness to get the dam closed and get people to the lake this summer," Decker explained. "Lake Hopatcong is one of the area's bets treasures and I'm grateful to be able to help out any way I can."
With the help of San Bar Marina owner Ron Sorenson and Mount Arlington Mayor Arthur Ondish, the musical duo has "a lot going on with the song right now," said Decker. Their new six-song CD featuring 'Lake Hopatcong' can be purchased for $2 at the Lake Hopatcong Marine and San Bar Marinas. "We've gotten a lot of support from Sorenson," said Decker, "He's selling our CD, Lakeside Ave., in his marinas." They have also reached out to Mayor Ondish, hoping for help promoting the lake and their music, and presented the CD at the Lake Hopatcong Commission meeting on Monday. "We're hoping to play shows on the lake this summer to raise awareness," Decker said.

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