About 200 swimmers took to the icy waters of Lake Hopatcong as part of the Lake Hopatcong Elks Club's annual Leap in the Lake event, which raised thousands of dollars for children with special needs in the area. The annual event sends swimmers into the lake from Hopatcong State Park, where hundreds more watched from the shore. The frigid plunge was followed by a celebration at the Elks Club on Howard Boulevard. Photos of the event are below.

LITL2012 - 1

Denise Castelli is first in the water with the help of some friends.

LITL2012 - 2

LITL2012 - 3

LITL2012 - 4

LITL2012 - 5

LITL2012 - 6

Jill Ayers from Lake Hopatcong.

LITL2012 - 7

LITL2012 - 8

Kasey Hoskins from Mt. Arlington

LITL2012 - 9

Robert Westenberg from Lake Hopatcong. He was the last one in and out of the lake.

LITL2012 - 10

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