The Lake Hopatcong Foundation held an organizational meeting on Tuesday July 17 in the Lakeland Marine Base Offices to start putting action plans in place for the initiatives listed below.

The evening began with an informative, in-depth presentation given by Martin Kane, president and curator of the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum to provide a context for the conditions of the lake today through the lens of history.  

The scope of Marty’s talk covered the history of the lake from the time of the Lenape civilization through the heyday of the late 1800’s to the early 1920’s, culminating in the opening of Route 80, and how each of these aspects of the lake’s history influenced its development.

After the talk, the teams were invited to gather and lead their own meetings, brainstorm, and exchange email addresses. 

Initiatives 2012

1. Long term water level study- to establish models for water level based on upstream inflow, weather and outflow levels.

2. Lake rescue and safety – to coordinate with state and local police and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary to improve boating safety and emergency response.

3. Recreational trail maps- to create boating, kayaking, walking and biking maps for the lake and its surrounding areas.

4. Boater information and signage – to provide real-time information to boaters about severe weather and wake restrictions.

5. Fundraising, marketing and publicity – to continue efforts for generating funding for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s initiatives

6. Support Lake Hopatcong businesses day – to partner with businesses and local organizations to enhance the lake’s sense of community.

The enthusiasm and excitement that was generated that evening among the members of the foundation was truly exceptional. The depth and breadth of experience and expertise on the various teams generated countless ideas, many of which are in presently in development.

If you would like to contribute your time, energy and knowledge, and are interested in becoming involved with any of these initiatives, please email 

Jess Murphy  jess@lakehopatcongfoundation.org.

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