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Pearlann McManus, publicist of the Jefferson Township Historical Society at the door of the George Chamberlain House.

The Jefferson Township Historical Society held its monthly open house on Sunday June 3rd from 1-4 pm at the Jefferson Township Museum, the George Chamberlain house, at 315 Dover-Milton Road. A steady stream of visitors were greeted by docents Ellen Fuchs, Archivist Jana-Lee Bair and Aide to the director Marilyn Reitzel, all in period costumes. This distinctive home in the mansard style and was built circa 1874 and was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

The George Chamberlain House, home to the Jefferson Township Historical society and Garden Club, is a Second Empire-style building with a simple mansard roof. It served as the township's library from 1960 to 1979 and was known as the Violet Riker Library. It was painstakingly and beautifully restored in 2007.

The Museum is a living representation of life in early Jefferson, and has been visited by hundreds of people over the years. It is surrounded by a lovely Victorian garden that is maintained by the Museum Garden Club.

Downstairs in the restored kitchen is "Miss Elizabeth's Shoppe" where one can find an appealing assortment of antiques, local specialty foods, homemade soaps, jewelry and crafts. The Jefferson Township Museum holds an open house the first Sunday of every month and should be at the top of your list of things to do this summer. For all of you local history buffs, It is well worth the trip down Weldon Road to the Milton side of town to visit this gem.


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Museum director Carol Keppel, Docent Ellen Fuchs, and shop manager Pat Cincotta,  downstairs in "Miss Elizabeth's Shoppe". JTMsm 3.3.12_08 copy

 Ellen Fuchs, of Lake Shawnee, demonstrates the dumb waiter in the dining room. JTMsm 6.3.12_07

The Chamberlain's dining room  

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Miss Elizabeth's kitchen 

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Marilyn Reitzel, Aide to the Museum Director, shows how to use a button hook.

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 Curator Lynda MacDonald with a collection of her miniatures.

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Christine Williams, president of the Jefferson Township Historical Society  and Archivist Jana-Lee Bair.

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Ellen Fuchs and Jana-Lee Bair, in the Chamberlain House garden.

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