Once again edging out Olympic gold-medalist sailors, Andy Ivey of Sunapee, N.H., won the 53rd annual Tomahawk Regatta out of the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club.
The event, which drew 16 Star class sailors from around the United States—including two-time Olympic gold medalist Mark Reynolds from San Diego, Ca.—lasted two days and included four races on the lake.
Ivey finished on top for the second year in a row, bookending the weekend with two first-place finishes and having 12 points overall. Reynolds, sailing with Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club sailor Kevin Murphy, finished in second with 16 points. Local sailor Bob Restrick, with Olympic gold medalist Magnus Liljedahl, finished in third with 18 points, including two first-place finishes.
Liljedahl leads a nonprofit paraylmpic organization called Team Paradise, which supports and promotes disabled sailing. Through that organization, four 2.4-meter boats that are used for paralympic racing were brought to the club, with a group of sailors competing in them on Friday night. During the regatta, two sailors—Tim Ripley from Randolph, N.J. and Danny Evans from Miami— competed against each other in races that followed the Star class starts.
To learn more about Team Paradise, go to their website at www.teamparadise.org.

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Stars begin the second race on Saturday during the Tomahawk Regatta on Lake Hopatcong.


Regatta winner Andy Ivey with crew Mike Nichol.


Second place finisher Mark Reynolds with crew Kevin Murphy.


Third place finisher Bob Restrick, with crew Magnus Liljedahl, wins the second race on Saturday.


The fleet of Stars goes downwind during the Tomahawk Regatta on Lake Hopatcong.


Danny Evans and Tim Ripley race 2.4-meter boats during the Tomahawk Regatta.


Evans races upwind. The 2.4-meter boats were brought in conjunction with Team Paradise.


A group of Stars sails downwind during the Tomahawk Regatta.

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