(1/29/11 Update: New Photo Added!)  The Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum shares a collection of photographs that capture lake activities many years ago, from skate sailing to winter carnivals.  Enjoy!

The champion woman skate sailor of America, Rusty Capes of Brooklyn won the women's championship of the Skate Sailing Association of America, on Lake Hopatcong, N.J., January 28, 1924.
Skate Sailing, River Styx Cove, circa 1925.
 Nolan's Point, circa 1915.
River Styx Cove, in front of Bon Air Lodge Hotel, 1925.
lhhm_winter_-_5Lake Hopatcong Winter Carnival, January 1925.
lhhm_winter_-_6Snow shoeing at Lake Hopatcong, circa 1920.
Formerly there were no rules against cars on Lake Hopatcong and this was a popular activity as seen in Van Every (Lee's) Cove circa 1920 with Villa von Campe Hotel in background.
Before electric refrigeration, ice was big business at Lake Hopatcong.  Here we see the ice being "harvested" off Nolan's Point circa 1910.
River Styx Road in Hopatcong with Hudson Maxim School on left, circa 1930.
Skiing in front of the Bryant Villa Hotel on Nolan's Point, circa 1930.
Elba Avenue in Hopatcong as seen on January 2, 1898.
lhhm_winter_-_12Ice was formerly a major winter industry at Lake Hopatcong with five major ice houses cutting and storing ice each winter.  Lake Hopatcong Ice was distributed throughout the area.

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