In an event that launched the Big Fish Lounge at Alice's restaurant, scores of virtual rockers showed their Guitar Hero chops at a WDHA "Rock the Park" Guitar Hero contest. The winners—Josh Gosselin, Brandon Batche, and John Oese—will represent the lake scene and WHDA at the station's "Rock the Park" concert on August 18. guitar_hero_-_1.jpgWDHA's evening DJ, Lisa Klein, hosted the event. "The turnout was great," said Amy Wilpert of WDHA. "It was one of the better Guitar Hero events we had this year.  We ended up doing two rounds because some of the people were so good, they got 99 percent and 100 percent on medium. So we kicked up the second round to expert, which was a big hit."guitar_hero_-_2.jpg Eric Roselle of Flanders was one of the 99 percent-ers. "It's a fun time," he said. "It's fun to play, but it's also great to hang and watch everyone else give it a try." Todd Parks, the front-of-house manager at Alice's, said he had never seen the lounge so crowded. "We're only four months old, so to get so many people here is a very good thing. It's a great kickoff for the lounge." Read the Daily Record coverage of the story here.

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