Groundbreaking ceremony for Brookland at Lakepointe: first step in Hopatcong’s revitalization

HOPATCONG – The borough kicked off its revitalization effort with a groundbreaking ceremony Monday morning for a new mixed-use building to be built along River Styx Road.
The 20,000-plus square-foot building, being constructed by Greentree Development Group of Pompton Plains, is the first step in the redevelopment of the area near the River Styx Bridge. Known as Brookland at Lakepointe, the project will begin early next week, said Dave Gunia, division president at Greenpoint Development Group.
“Today is an exciting day in the borough of Hopatcong,” said Mayor Petillo. “This wonderful groundbreaking ceremony represents a culmination of five years of challenges, patience and persistence; and it celebrates our hope and our vision for the redevelopment of River Styx.”
Local, county and state officials were on hand to take part in today’s ceremony.
Just less than 5000 square feet in the new building will be devoted to street-level retail space with 15 condominium units available on the second floor. Shop windows will face River Styx Road and parking will be available behind the building.
The project is expected to be completed by late spring/early summer 2015. Pricing is still to be determined.

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Curious as to when the townhouses that were planned over a year ago are going to be constructed. Rumors are tnat the condos and retail they put up last year aren’t selling, mainly due to the depressed area with shacks and rotting buildings as well as section 8 welfare housing close by as the view from the building, high taxes and high sewer fees.

God Speed, another Hopatcong disaster, good job Petillo

Tyler | May 16, 2016

Hopatcong borough keeps talking about a walkable community. If anybody has ever walked down River Styx it’s a death wish, there are no sidewalks or lamp posts, a crumbled roadway from above the new condos to the bridge, there is no bike lanes like the borough keeps talking about and the condos and new townhouses are both not completed after over a year, I’d guess the county won’t approve the condos on the water.

Tyler | November 04, 2015

Hi, Tyler. I’m the PR guy for Greentree Development, and I want to let you know that nothing has ended. Quite the opposite!

First, at Brookland, demolition work has been completed and work is beginning on the new foundation and the beginning of the walls.  This snow and cold weather has slowed things down a bit but as soon as it warms up, Greentree will be working again. Meanwhile, Greentree and its partner companies are working with contractors, finalizing designs and preparing to begin sales. These are all things that go on off-site, so you can’t see the progress. But it’s happening!

Secondly, Greentree just announced it would begin work on nine new homes just down the street.  Here’s the release we issued:  Again, there’s lots of work that goes on off-site. You’ll see things happening on site as soon as it gets warm.

Too often, you hear about an ambitious project and it just kind of slinks away and we never hear about it again. I understand your cynicism. But let me assure you that both of these projects are moving ahead.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us!

Doug Fenichel | March 05, 2015


HopTcong has so many other issues with abandoned houses and business’s. Hopatcong is surviving off state welfare grants from the state, worst school who wants to live in a building that your view is a disgusting house or empty business..overhead street Los shine right on to the property as well ..these units will never sell and if any do it will eventually be vacant and look like all of other Hopatcong byildings, ugly

Tyler | February 10, 2015

Project seems to have ended, there isn’t and hasn’t been any activity in months

Tyler | February 03, 2015

On the face, this seems to be a good thing, revitalizing a town by building relatively high-end housing in the hopes people of the “type” that such housing is marketed to, will come… Unfortunately, there is little reason for them to stay once they’ve seen past the pretty building with a beautiful view. Hopatcong Schools, are less than stellar. Why would a young family planning for the future, come to a place so that they might “roll the dice” in the hopes that the area schools may improve? Would you gamble with the future of your children? I doubt it, I know that I wouldn’t. What this seems to be is mediocre book, with a fancy cover.

One does not build a community by providing beautiful places and high-end shopping; one does it by providing a reason to relocate to an area which offers advantages for families and their future.

Lift this community and the people that already have invested their lives here, and stop trying to bring the kind of people you’d like to replace them with…

Mason E. Francisco Sr. | October 26, 2014