Scott DeMayo, 48, attributes his love of the lake to his father, Louis, who has lived on Lake Hopatcong since Scott was 2 years old. The senior DeMayo, who continues to live on the water, is known as "Suitcase Louie," from his days of working for the IRS with his oversized briefcase. Diane Johnson and Scott DeMayoScott is the manager of the classic  and Woodstock rock style band, Yasgur’s Farm, which has been entertaining Lake Hopatcong for decades with its classic music from the era of the Woodstock generation. “Yasgur's Farm rocked the lake community back in the day at establishments such as the Lighthouse, Governor’s Inn, and more recently at Pavinci’s, several of the lake’s social and yacht clubs, and at some the more elaborate and special local private parties,” said Scott. One summer several years ago, Scott took a much-needed break from the corporate/computer profession and took a job operating a weed harvester and driving a dump truck with the Lake Hopatcong Commission. “Even though it was very hard work I must admit being on and around the lake every day made it one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had,” said Scott. Scott’s memories of the lake go back almost as far as Woodstock itself. Growing up at a time when kids had more freedom to be kids and enjoy the downtime of summer vacation. Some of Scott’s fondest memories are of time spent with his dad. He described great summers and the fun he had fishing right off the dock for sunnies by using bread balls as bait. As a teen he went out in his rowboat equipped with a trolling engine, later moving up to a Renken fiberglass Tri-hull with a Johnson 40-horsepower engine. He spent his summers with other summer residents and between all the neighbors, the families had enough row, power, and sailboats to keep everyone happy. “Now my girlfriend Diane and I enjoy the lake in our Sea Ray bow rider, called “What’s in a Name?” Scott recalls having fun at Bertrand Island amusement park with his family and going on the rides, eating cotton candy and playing the midway games. As he got older he would either boat or drive to the amusement park to hang out with friends and grab pizza and a beer at the pavilion. He recalls spending time at the Cube, and laughs as he wonders how many people can remember that scene? "It was an air conditioned room called the electric cube, lit by strobe lights and black lights. Once inside it was blasting rock music (like Pink Floyd, Led Zep., etc) and basic teenage party mahem. There was grafitti painted on the walls in flourescent paint and kids would go inside it to dance, party, etc.  It was where the teens would hang, and sneak in drinks.  Looking back it was silly but back then it was the bomb.," laughs Scott.  During the winter months, Scott would make his way back to the frozen lake, where he enjoyed racing snowmobiles. One of Scott’s memories is the 2000 flood. “The water around my father’s house was up to our knees," he said. "I remember the back-breaking work it took to rip up the water-logged carpets and clean up the house.” The Usual Questions: What are your favorite lake destinations? In addition to the many great restaurants and bars on the lake, we enjoy swimming on the Woodport side, by the sandbar and (of course) at Byram Bay. The lake is big enough to offer many fun spots, but small enough that you can enjoy many of them in a day. What is your earliest memory of the lake? Possibly when I fell off a dock as a little kid trying to get into my dads boat. I remember him reaching down to rescue me and pull me out of the water. Describe the perfect summer day on the lake. My honey, Diane, by my side, the sun shining brightly, a cooler full of goodies, some good tunes blasting, and a full tank of gas in a well running boat.

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