The Espanong Market Golf League is inviting all who are interested in golfing and meeting new people to join them this summer. The group plays every Tuesday at Farmstead Golf Course at 5pm, the ideal time for lower temps as the sun goes down, a gentle breeze and of course cocktails or a cold drink afterwards.
scan0010_edited-2The league began four years ago when Mark and Brenda Agamie, owners of Espanong Market in Jefferson noticed many of their customers were golfers."Although they palyed golf, they weren't part of a league, or a group that played on a regular basis," said Brenda. "We decided to start the league to offer our customers an opportunity to meet other customers and local golfers, to play golf and get to know eachother."
The group of roughly 40 members  is diverse; men and women; beginners,novice and intermediate levels. Brenda reports scores ranging from the 30s to the 70s for a nine hole round of golf. Some have played for years while others are fairly new to the game. Many members walk the course and others chose to use a golf cart. Typically the group has 10 to 20 active members who play weekly.
The one thing they have in common is the desire to have fun. "This league is not only fun but it gives players a chance to improve their game each week or just go out and hit some balls," said Brenda.  "We are not as competitive as some leagues, the game can be frustrating as it is."
Similar to the Master's Golf tournament the Espanong Market Golf League has their own banquet and awards ceremony. However, winners are not presented with a green jacket but rather a green apron. This unique honor is bestowed not on the best player but the most deserving playing. In fact, customers often stop to take a look at the plaque hanging in the Espanong Market listing all the names of the past green apron winners.What makes the league special is the camraderie among the members."If you play with us once, we consider you a member of the league...and after a few games you may even receive a golf shirt from us," said Brenda.
The group has offered its members free golf clinics to improve on swings and overall game performance. Weekly challenges keep members on their toes and keep the group fresh with something new from week to week. At the end of the season in August they host a golf tournament complete with an awards banquet.
Brenda points out that although they have fun, there is an organized element to their league. With a simple click of a mouse via email players get the latest information sent to them directly in the most efficient manner. Players use the email contact list to be notified of any league changes, upcoming events, recap of the day, and  weekly challenge winners.
Joining is simple. There is no fee involved or requirement to participate each week and the league plays at Farmstead for a discounted price. Interested players can visit Mark and Brenda in their Espanong Market in Jefferson on Espanong Road or contact Mark at or call 973-663-2300973-663-2300."After each game we have dinner in Farmstead's clubhouse. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious," said Brenda.
What a way to end a day out on the links...

Farmstead Golf Course


Mark Fisch and golf Pro Ray Pruden

Members of the Espanong Market Golf League take a break after a round of golf. The league is a diverse group made up of all levels of golfers. Their goal is to have fun and play some golf. Weekly golf challenges keep the group on their toes.


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