Volunteers Needed!

Tax Preparation Assistance in Morris County

“Work your mind – Warm your heart”

Many low, moderate and middle income people in Northern New Jersey, especially those 60 and older, need help preparing their annual taxes. MorrisTaxAide, an AARP / IRS sponsored activity, is seeking volunteers to help prepare income tax returns for low / moderate taxpayers in the greater Morris County area. Volunteers meet with taxpayers at 10 sites throughout Morris County, review their tax documents, and prepare tax returns for electronic filing. Training, and equipment provided by TaxAide. Help those in need to get all of the deductions and credits they deserve and only pay in taxes their fair share.

You do not need to be a senior or a member of AARP to volunteer, just someone wanting to help others. Training is provided in late Fall / Early Winter and taxes are prepared in February thru April 15. You don’t need any prior tax experience - just a willingness to participate. Everyone preparing taxes undergoes certification thru an IRS testing process. In Morris County for the 2022 tax year, 50 volunteers volunteering at 9 different sites prepared and e-filed more than 1,400 federal tax returns, a comparable number of state tax returns and Senior Freeze Act returns (PTR’s) and answered more than 125 inquiries.

To obtain additional information visit the site: Freetaxesmorrisnj.org

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