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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is hosting four stakeholder meetings in March to discuss the state’s first Natural and Working Lands Strategy. We need your help in developing the strategy! We are especially looking for input from carbon sequestration researchers, land managers, local government officials, environmental NGOs, farmers, and private landowners.

What is the Natural and Working Lands Strategy?

The Natural and Working Lands Strategy, or NWLS, is a plan for maximizing the amount of carbon dioxide that we can sequester in public and private natural lands and working lands. The strategy covers tidal and non-tidal wetlands, aquatic habitats, developed lands, agriculture, and forests. At the stakeholder meetings DEP will present draft targets for land management practices that sequester carbon (e.g. tree planting, wetland revegetation, etc.) along with proposed policy changes.

Why are we developing a NWLS?

New Jersey is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing its part to curb climate change. In order to reach the goal of reducing emissions by 80% below 2006 levels by 2050, there must be major reductions in emissions from all sectors but also an increase in carbon sequestration. The 80x50 Report established that 10.8 MMT of CO2e needs to be sequestered and stored by 2050. The NWLS is a plan for reaching that goal.

When are the stakeholder meetings?

These virtual meetings will be held at 2 pm on the following dates: March 16 – Agricultural Lands March 21 – Developed Lands March 23 – Aquatic Habitats, Non-tidal Wetlands, and Tidal Wetlands March 28 – Forested Lands

Please visit the NWLS Website to register for one or more of our stakeholder meetings and to submit comments on the NWLS.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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