Morris County Launches COVID-19 Home Testing Today

On-line Portal Open to Apply for One of Two Available Tests

Morris County launched its at-home, no-cost COVID-19 testing program today for Morris County residents and people who work in Morris County, as the number of new cases continues to increase in correlation with a statewide spike in the virus.

A portal through which qualified Morris County residents and workers can apply for testing materials to be sent to their homes may be found on the Morris County’s Office of Health Management COVID-19 information page.  People applying to receive the home tests will reach a landing page informing them of two available tests – one involving salvia and one nasal – and directing them to select one. The Morris County Freeholders and the Morris County Department of Law and Public Safety outlined the testing plan in a Friday afternoon conference call with mayors.

The tests are available ONLY to Morris County residents and people who work in Morris County, and applicants will be required to provide information on where they reside. Those who work in Morris County, but do not live in the county, will be required to submit additional proof of where they are employed such as an employee identification card or the employer's contact information. Once that information is confirmed by Morris County staff, an email will be sent to the applicant with further instructions.

Applicants will also be asked to provide information about their private health insurance, Medicaid and Medicare coverage, but will not be billed for the tests. Anyone who is not insured must indicate so on the on-line application, but the test still will be completed at no cost.

The nasal swab test, which is restricted to individuals who are age 18 and older, is a test already available to the public through LabCorp, and it is known as their Pixel test. It currently is restricted to people with symptoms of COVID-19 infection. It will be shipped overnight to individuals, who will be asked to follow directions on how to take a sample and return-mail it in a prepaid package. An applicant must have a personal email account, and results generally are available within 48 hours of receipt by the testing company.

The saliva test, provided by Vault Health, was developed by Rutgers University. It too will be shipped to an individual’s home overnight. There is no age restriction, but the testing must be conducted under the supervision of an online Vault test supervisor via Zoom Video Conference. It requires access to a personal, family or friend’s online Zoom account, and the applicant must have a personal email account.
Anyone who tests positive should quarantine and will be directed to contact his or her healthcare provider. Additionally, anticipate a call from a health department official for contact tracing to determine if anyone else was exposed.

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