Morris County Clerk Ann F. Grossi, ESQ., Addresses Receipt of Non-Residence, Duplicate and Deceased Voters’ Ballots

The Morris County Clerk's Office has received reports of voters receiving duplicate ballots, ballots for voters who have moved away and ballots for voters who are deceased.
Governor Murphy's Executive Order #177 mandated that 2020 New Jersey General Election be conducted by universal main-in ballots. Consequently, County Clerks in the State were required to automatically mail ballots to all voters who are listed as "active" on the State Voter Registration System.
Although County Clerk's must rely on voter information contained in the State Voter Registration system they do not have lawful jurisdiction to update or manage the state system. It is maintained by the State, Board of Elections offices, and, in some counties, the Superintendent of Elections.
If you receive a ballot that is addressed to someone who does not live at your address, is deceased, or you received a duplicate ballot, please mark it "return to sender" and place it back in your mailbox for the U.S. Postal Service to return to the county election office. You can also contact the board of elections at 973-285-6715 with any issues.

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