Morris County Clerk Ann F. Grossi, ESQ. Addresses Confusion Over Machine Voting and Voting Options at The Polling Location

Morris County Clerk Ann F. Grossi, Esq. advises that “The Morris County Clerk’s Office has received many calls from voters intending to cast their vote on a voting machine on Election Day.”   This message clarifies what to expect at the polling location.   
On August 14, 2020, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 177, stipulating that the 2020 General Election be conducted exclusively by mail-in-ballot, which included additional stipulations on how the election will be run.
Based upon this Executive Order, a limited number of polling locations will be open on Election Day.  Each polling location will house an American with Disabilities compliant audio voting device.  “This means that only voters having a qualifying disability, such as: impaired vision, and/or conditions that affect a voters’ ability to write and fill out a ballot, etc., will qualify to vote on the machine.  All other voters will not qualify.” said Clerk Grossi.
Voters who choose to vote at their polling location and do not qualify to vote on the voting mechanism may do so in the following ways:

  1. Voters may personally deposit their completed mail-in-ballot package at their polling location. (May not deliver others.)

  2. Voters who do not bring their completed mail-in ballot package with them to the polling location, may vote on a paper Provisional Ballot.

  3. Provisional Ballots are counted after all vote by mail ballots are counted as they must be verified and checked against mail-in ballots received by the Board of Elections.

The Board of Elections is a separate and independent agency from the County Clerk’s Office responsible for receiving, verifying and counting all paper ballots, polling locations, poll workers and voting machines.
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