Community Tree Recovery Starts April 9th

 Municipalities will be giving away 5 Free Bare Root Tree Seedlings to all residents of New Jersey.

Find a location nearest to you go to:

If you have questions, please call your municipality. All days and times are up to date, but may change by the municipality.


How big are the trees?

Six inches to two foot tall bare root seedlings in a bundle of five.

What do I need to bring?

Show up at the listed location on the designated date and time. No registration or identification required. Please make sure sign up if your municipality is requesting. Bring a mask.

What if my town isn't listed?

Pick up trees at any pick up location—you do not need to be a resident of that town.

Where can I get more than five seedlings?

Visit to view our Nursery Catalog.

What kind of tree species will I receive?

Each location may have a variety of tree species but there is no published list of species per location. Species are distributed based on what grows best in that area. Municipalities in the northern part of the state may receive persimmon or red oak trees, while towns in the south may receive virginia pine or other species adapted to this region. Seedlings that are salt tolerant are distributed to shore towns may include bayberry or beach plum, shrubs commonly found on dunes and in other coastal environments.

I have a question about a specific town's event.

Each event is run by the municipality—contact the municipal office with any questions.

Why is my town or county not listed and how can I get my town on the list?

Every municipality in New Jersey was contacted in December to apply for free trees — all trees have been allocated to those who applied. If no towns are listed for a county, then no towns in that county applied. However, you can pick up tree seedlings at any of the locations listed.

For seven years in a row, we partnered with Arbor Day Foundation to give out over 500,000 tree seedlings total to New Jersey residents!

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