4th Annual Fall Banquet at Rebecca’s Homestead

We’re excited to see you at our upcoming banquet to tell you all that’s new in 2022 at Rebecca’s Homestead.

The main goal of this year's fundraiser is to prepare the downstairs rooms and make the bathroom fully accessible for a a new resident who uses a motorized wheelchair. We will be introducing Amanda at our banquet and look forward to meeting her and her family.

Today we are asking you to consider sponsoring our upcoming banquet. But not just you! Please think of your places of employment, friends, and family who might consider joining you to attend our banquet under one of these levels listed here.

Please click the button below to learn more about our new, tier giving program in support of this year's banquet.

Yes! I'm committed to helping Rebecca's Homestead.

We are grateful for your support at any level, because it allows us to continue to develop long-term strategies and goals that will meet the needs of the residents as they move in, one day at a time. 

God bless you and keep you,
Dennis and Michele Elmers

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