St. Jude Parish has, throughout the years, offered a variety of fundraising events. On Saturday they added another new event to their long list. A whiffle ball contest.
Billed as the St. Jude Family Fun Day and Whiffle Ball Contest, fundraising Chairman Jim O’Brien, made a last-minute, weather-related decision to cancel the Family Fun Day but not the whiffle ball contest.
“We had an outside organization bringing in rides and games for the children. Because of the bad weather forecast, we decided to cancel them,” said O’Brien. “But we did not want to cancel whiffle ball.”
Six teams signed up for the tournament, including the Lions, Chico’s Bail Bonds, the Saints, Whiffle Maniacs, Hometown Hero’s and The Scrubs.
Hometown Hero’s and The Scrubs made it to the finals with The Scrubs pulling out a 4-3 victory in the final inning. For their efforts, the winning team of four, Steven Serocke, Anthony Perretti, Chris Marcinek and Samantha Serocke, receives four tickets to a NY Jets football game.
Whiffle ball participants each contributed $20 for the right to play. In return, they all received t-shirts.
According to O’Brien, the Parish is having two more fundraising events before Thanksgiving. On Oct. 27 there will be a Halloween dance for kids. There is a $10 donation fee at the door. Best in Show Costume wins $20 and the Scariest Costume wins $10.
On November 10, the parish will host their annual craft fair.

Brianne Willis, from Whiffle Maniacs, up at bat. IMG_2903

Connie Palumbo umpiring during the tournament. IMG_2903IMG_2774

Steven Serocke, center, pitching for The Scrubs. IMG_2921

Anthony Perretti celebrates what he thought was a home run. IMG_2945

Members of the Hometown Hero's wait for their first game.

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