pp signAs a part of the expanding Jefferson Township trail system, Mayor Russel W. Felter unveiled plans last fall to blaze new hiking trails in the Prospect Point Preserve and Liffy Island on the western shore of Lake Hopatcong. With a $36,000 grant from a logging trust fund and approximately $25,000 in National Trails Grants, Mayor Felter plans to create walking, jogging and biking trails throughout the Prospect Point Preserve and beach areas. A boardwalk access to Liffy Island is planned for phase II of the project  in 2013 when the lake is scheduled to be drawn down. Mayor Felter hopes that local papers and other sources will reach out to volunteers. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, students involved in public service projects and residents of all ages will have a chance to get involved with blazing the new trails. Jim Leach, Jefferson Township Administrator, a life-long resident of Lake Hopatcong, is extremely pleased to be part of the effort of preserving the very last tract of undeveloped land on Lake Hopatcong. “I love this property and grew up  looking at it across the lake every day. I’m very glad to be involved with this project.” These 300 acres, which include the Prospect Point Preserve, North Shore Estates and Liffy Island, will offer residents and visitors the opportunity to experience the lake, the forest and the wildlife in its beautiful, natural original state. The entrance points to the trails will be at the playground and basketball courts at Prospect Point and another near the Dawn’s Mist development. Another access point to the area would be from Brady Boulevard, with a trail winding through the woods, along the shoreline and eventually to Liffy Island, where picnic and fishing areas are planned. Over one mile of shoreline from the Mason Street area to Brady Boulevard and 40 acres on Liffy Island will eventually be accessible by trails. Volunteer contractors are currently widening and improving the old logging trails and a group of resident volunteers have been marking trails and creating signage.In other efforts to provide the largest tracts of undeveloped land in Morris County, additional trail systems in Jefferson Township will include an area off of Berkshire Valley Road near the Casa Bianca restaurant, over the ridge to Green Pond and Craigmeur, and along the ridge of the Berkshire Valley Golf Course. June 4th is National Trails Day and Mayor Felter would like to see a few trails in the Prospect Point Reserve area established by then and have a ceremony to mark their opening.For information on volunteering for the Prospect Point Preserve trails project, call the Jefferson Township Mayor’s office at 973-208-6102.

pp - jim leach 1

Township Administrator, Jim Leach, with a map of the 300 acres of the Prospect Point  Preserve.



pp - Jim Leach 2

 Jim Leach leading the way down to the waterfront at the end of Brady  Boulevard.   pp - point

 The waterfront area at the end of Brady Boulevard looking east.   pp - from Lk forest  Looking across to Liffy Island from the Lake Forest Yacht Club beach area. “I love this property and grew up  looking at it across the lake every day," says Jim Leach, Jefferson Township Administrator.

pp - lify island

Aerial view of the Prospect Point preserve.

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