Dozens of swimmers cut through the cool Woodport waters on Saturday as part of the third annual Tom Wear Memorial Swim, which was split into a one- and two-mile race. The swim drew an extra large crowd in part because it served as a practice run for when Lake Hopatcong hosts the U.S. Masters Swimming two-mile nationals next year. It also raised money to honor the K9 teams called to action on Sept. 11, 2001, serving as a fundraiser for the Southern Tier Police Canine Association, 11th Hour Rescue, and the Jefferson Township Municipal Pound. For those who would like to make an online PAWS donation for the charities, go to  and follow the link for “charitable donation.”

TWSwim_2011_-_1aEric Nilsson, winner of the two-mile swim with a time of 43:06


Swimmers (male two-mile) head into the lake.


Jemila Najjar-Keith, winner of the women’s mile swim.


Swimmers heading into the lake discuss the start location.


Female two-milers wait at the start, including eventual winner, Annie Ferguson.


Female two-milers in the water.


The start of the mile swim.


Swimmers in the lake.




Eric Nilsson touches the dock first at 43:06.

TWSwim_2011_-_25A swimmer rounds the mile marker and heads out for the second leg of the two-mile swim.

TWSwim_2011_-_28Zach Bagnall touches the dock finishing the one-mile swim.

TWSwim_2011_-_29Andrew Richardi, center, makes his way out of the lake.

TWSwim_2011_-_32A swimmer gets a helping hand getting out of the lake.

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