The Jefferson Highlights Summer Concert Series kicked off the 2014 season on Saturday, July 19 with a night performance by Lee Alverson. He specializes in performing classic hits from successful music artists Elton John and Billy Joel.
Alverson even went so far as to dress and act like Joel and John when interacting with the audience, making playful comments about the amount of bugs present or encouraging the crowd to move and dance during the performance.
The Jefferson Highlights Concert Series, which has performances from local tribute bands, is now in its seventh year. The concert series takes place at the Art Bonito Ampitheatre at Camp Jefferson run by none other than Art Bonito himself. Bonito is the founder of the Ampitheater as well as the concert series and takes care of all the lighting. After the show, fans could meet and get their picture taken with Alverson as well as get autographs.
The crowd of people watching the show appeared to thoroughly enjoy the performance. People were dancing in their seats and moving to the music. When asked how he thought the performance went, Alverson said,
“I think the audience was wonderful. The crowd was very responsive and the people who are running the show are great.”
Alverson mentioned the big thing that makes a difference when people are watching him perform is when he is able to have the audience interact with him, such as when he had them sing along to “Piano Man,” by Billy Joel, or “Benny and the Jets,” by Elton John.
“I love when people are able to sing and dance along to the music and interact throughout the show. That makes a difference for me.”
The audience, which estimated to be around 200 people, came from all parts of New Jersey such as Lake Hopatcong and Chester and even drew people down from Stockholm, Pennsylvania.
“I think this was a great performance. It was able to bring together different communities and different generations of people together for one night,” said Elina Vassitiska of Montville.
“I think all of these concerts are great. I have been coming all of these years and more people should know about them,” says Elizabeth Dos Santos of Lake Hopatcong.
Cindy Cataldo of Milton was highly impressed by Alverson’s piano playing skills. She especially enjoyed a piano solo during an Elton John piece.
“It was enjoyable. He’s a great piano player.”
Overall, the mood of the night seemed to be one of enjoyment. Everyone left the ampitheatre feeling happy and pleased with the show.
The next show taking place at the Jefferson Highlights Concert Series is Simply Diamond, a Neil Diamond Tribute. The show takes place on Saturday, July 26 at 8:00 P.M. Tickets are$25 at the gate and $20 presale. For more information, visit

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