For seven years now, those who drive or walk through the area at the southernmost end of the lake in Landing  in the summertime have enjoyed flowers and American flags, lining the street and the fence, thanks to "Let's Beautify Landing," an effort that is undertaken by Mary-Beth and Roland Boughton and Christine Houtz. The initiative took place this year, as always, with the help of dozens of volunteers, including local Boy and Girl Scouts, who spent Friday night preparing the floral arrangements. Then a group of folks from Landing and nearby areas gathered on Saturday morning to put the pieces into place, making Landing a bit more beautiful in the process. They decorated the fence along the lake, the median by the intersection, and the bridge with flower boxes, plants in pots and bunting. The flower boxes are planted with geranium and vinca vine, the pots have geraniums, petunias, dusty miller and vinca vine - all are festooned with American flags. In the past, the cost was covered by the volunteer group itself; now local businesses donate much of the material and money for "Let's Beautify Landing" to happen. Landing 5.19.12-01   Landing 5.19.12-03 copy Landing 5.19.12-04   Landing 5.19.12-05       Landing 5.19.12-06   Landing 5.19.12-07      

Landing 5.19.12-09


Landing 5.19.12-10


Landing 5.19.12-12 Landing 5.19.12-15   Landing 5.19.12-16   Landing 5.19.12-18

(L-R): Christine Houtz, Katlin Houtz, Angelo D'Amato, Roland Boughton, Barbara Billia, Ray Billia, Mary Galligan, Brenda Struble   Landing 5.19.12-19   Landing 5.19.12-20   Landing 5.19.12-21   Landing 5.19.12-22

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