FF---Laura-OReillyLaura O’Reilly has been an active member of the Mount Arlington community since she moved with her family from New York City in 2002. Her husband Mike is a member of the town council while she uses her training to serve on the board of health and the Mayor’s Wellness Committee. She is currently the Director of Health and Wellness for Easter Seals where she has the opportunity to teach and provide health, wellness and fitness counseling.“We love Mount Arlington and the lake community. Living here is like being on vacation without leaving town,” said Laura. From 2003 to 2007 Laura was a fitness columnist for the Morris County Daily Record. Recently she wrote a book entitled, Get Fit to Go- an exercise manual- and used her own fitness articles as her inspiration. Part of the book is anecdotes and motivational stories and part of the book has detailed exercise instruction. “ I wanted to provide information in everyday, simple terms, for people of all levels to get an understanding of why we need to exercise and eat healthy foods; which diseases can actually be prevented through diet and exercise; and to encourage those who have never exercised before - or those who have weight loss goals- to get motivated to take small gradual steps for a lifetime of good health,” said Laura. FF - Laura OReilly ftg logoAs a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and a health advocate Laura decided to pursue a degree in nursing. In her mid forties she returned to college. Her goal was to reach out and connect with people who do not spend time in a gym exercising and eating a healthy diet. “I felt that a career in nursing would allow me the opportunity to expand in my role as a health advocate and to work with people who have chronic illnesses or are advised by a physician to lose weight. I evaluate their health needs and guide them to a life of wellness. I also encourage people to seek preventive care and work in collaboration with their physicians,” said Laura. “My book explains it all without reading like a science lesson. I use my voice to provide the information in a way people can read and understand and gain knowledge.” Laura created a website a few years ago as a tool to provide up- to- date fitness information and as one of the platforms for her book. And as if she wasn’t busy enough, Laura’s future goals include a book which explores the standards of care for the aging population and health and wellness attitudes and strategies for aging Baby Boomers. “ I also hope to one day produce a documentary about the same subject,” said Laura. The usual questions: Favorite lake destination: Main Lake Market for an ice cream. Describe your perfect lake day: My perfect summer lake time is early in the day when all is quiet, and I sit on my porch with my morning coffee and watch the sun come up over the lake.  
 While on the lake we anchor in one of the coves for a swim, or pull up to one of the many restaurants.

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