The annual 26" drawdown for Lake Hopatcong will begin on or about Friday, November 19. The drawdown date will be adjusted based the actual water level as November 19 approaches.   For example, for every inch the lake is below 9 feet, the drawdown will be delayed by one day and for every inch the lake is above 9 feet, the drawdown will begin one day earlier.  lh_dam_fall_2010This is a change from previous years when the annual drawdown would begin on November 1 regardless of the water level.  The drawdown rate of release shall be adjusted to reach the 26" drawdown by December 15.  The new drawdown procedure is based on recommendations received by the Lake Hopatcong Citizens Advisory Committee, which was convened by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to review the Lake Hopatcong Water Level Management Plan.

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