JEFFERSON - Evolution, a tribute band that covers the music of Journey, closed out the 2014 Jefferson Highlights Concert Series this past Saturday night.
The event was the final installment of the summer concert series that was held at the Art Bonito Amphitheater at Camp Jefferson, run by Art Bonito.
Evolution is a tribute band playing songs made by world-renowned band Journey. The band got the crowd moving and dancing during covers of some classic Journey songs such as “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Any Way You Want It.”
The band consists of lead singer John Robert Murphy, keyboardist Lance Millard, bassist Les Jansson, guitarist Ralph Carbone, and drummer Mike Morales. Evolution provides an authentic experience throughout the show by dressing in appropriate 80s costumes and capturing a genuine sound that is truly reminiscent of Journey.
From the first song played, the band got the audience wound up and ready for the show. The audience was filled with a ton of energy as everyone clapped, sang along to the songs, and danced to it. When asked about the energy in the crowd’s interaction during the show, Murphy said:
“I think the show went great. The crowd was very loud and very active tonight. Thankfully, there was no rain tonight also.”
Jansson also commented on the crowd’s infectious liveliness at the show.
“I thought there was a lot of high energy on stage and in the crowd tonight.”
Similarly, the crowd clearly enjoyed the songs the band played, seen by the singing and cheering at songs they heard when Journey first came out. John Belthoff of Budd Lake stated,
“It was really good. It was amazingly good. This venue is perfect for a concert like this and more should know about it.”
Pat and Martha Bradley, also of Budd Lake have been coming to every Evolution show that has been at the Ampitheater so far.
“It was fabulous. I have loved them every time they have come,” said Pat Bradley.
“I’m crazy about them. I loved the show and they always work hard,” chimed in Martha Bradley.
Journey’s music has the ability to transcend multiple generations of music lovers so that any person of any age can enjoy it. Evolution provides an experience that allows people of different ages to come together and enjoy great music. Said Rachel Samson, of Byram:
“I loved the show. It sounded exactly like Journey.”
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