If you were out on the lake this past weekend you may have noticed the Duffy boats cruising by or docked at the Royal Wave Marina.

Dennis Cohalan from West Creek Marina, an authorized dealer for Duffy boats in southern New Jersey, had the opportunity to spend a couple of weekends displaying the electric vessel and giving rides to anyone interested in learning more about it.

With its bright red surrey top and distinct shape, the electric boat was easily spotted and no doubt the topic of conversations as it cruised near the lake's shoreline.

Duffy boats are electric and offer a wide selection of styles and sizes. The boats are built in California and have been sold worldwide since 1970. According to Cohalan, the area in and around the harbor in Newport Beach, California is home to more than 2,000 Duffy electric boat owners.

“These are great boats to cruise around the lake or a bay in. You really end up noticing more of the shoreline because, unlike with other boats, you can get closer,” said Cohalan.

The electric boats are virtually silent and have zero emissions. Orders take approximately two months to fill and the company offers online videos at www.duffyboats.com, and a “build your own boat” link to get a more accurate visual of your customized electric boat.

“You can really make your boat unique by personalizing it to your liking with the many options available,” said Cohalan. “Aside from the choices in size, Duffy electric boats offer an extensive range of hull colors. Some options include a head, a refrigerator, a storage pantry for snacks, and are iPod ready.”

If the Duffy boats look otherwise familiar it may be because you’ve seen them in Disney World. They are the official boat of the Walt Disney Corporation. Traveling roughly 7mph, the boats are great for sight seeing. The easy-on, easy-off access makes it an ideal boat for the non-sea faring of passengers that visit the Disney theme parks.

Due to its hull design, the boat remains stable in all bodies of water. The 22-foot model seats up to 12 people comfortably and is ideal for entertaining, taking dinner cruises, or playing board games.

Each model has cabin enclosure window type panels that are easy to close or open by lifting them up and securing them out of the way. The clarity and design of the window enclosures extend the boating season.

“There is no need to winterize these boats and other than plugging it in and charging the battery," Colahan said. "They require very little maintenance. The patented four-blade composite weedless propeller makes it a perfect boat for Lake Hopatcong. Nothing in this lake will stick to it. Duffy boats make ideal spectator boats for sailboat races.”

Cohalan plans to return next summer and encourages homeowners and other boaters to contact him to get a closer look and more information.

“If you see me out on Lake Hopatcong again, feel free to call me over to your dock to answer any questions you might have. I’d be more than happy to take you for a test ride around your beautiful lake.”






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