Story & Photos by Karen Fucito


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The annual Hopatcong Senior Picnic was held at the Senior Center Pavilion at 32 Lakeside Boulevard from noon to 3pm on Saturday July 7. About 90 seniors were in attendance and enjoyed a chance to chat, catch up with friends and neighbors and dig in to some delicious barbecue. Several area businesses provided food and drink, including Deli Delicious of Stanhope and the Hopatcong Dunkin' Donuts. Mayor Sylvia Petillo Councilmen Rich Bunce and Mike Francis, Councilwoman Marie Ryder Galate, were in attendance and kept things lively and rolling pulling raffles and giving out door prizes.


Spedcial recognition was given to Timothy Carey and Dorothy Milne for their exemplary service to their community. Timothy Carey, a veteran of the Vietnam War, was very active in the Hopatcong Recreation Commission, The Hopatcong VFW Post 10101, and supported the patients at the Lyons VA Hospital. Dorothy Milne's kindness and compassion for her neighbors was acknowleged along with her service to the Senior Club as editor of the Senior Club Newsletter.


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Shirley Young and Kay Doolan enjoying the festivities.


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Herb Jelly and Donna Rowbotham get a chance to catch up before lunch.


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Getting ready for some delicious hamburgers from Deli Delicious of Stanhope.


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Councilwoman Marie Ryder Galate makes the rounds.


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Seniors of the Year, Timothy Carey and Dorothy Milne.


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Marie Ryder-Galate and Rich Bunce of the Hopatcong Town Council pulling tickets for door prizes.


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Councilman Mike Francis enjoying Madeline Quirk's win.


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Mayor Sylvia Petillo and Recreation Coordinator Sue Parichuk serve dessert.




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