The Hopatcong Planning Board on Tuesday got a more detailed look at the proposed Open Space and Recreation Plan update, including maps of "Greenway" trails in the borough and "Blueway" trail guides along the waters of Lake Hopatcong.
greenways_31511_-_mainThose blueway trails extend the length of the lake, with land stops at Hopatcong State Park, Ingram Cove, Sharp's Rock, River Styx, McCarthy Preserve (in Davis Cove), Whitten Park (in Byram Bay), Byram Cove, and Henderson Bay.
On land, the greenways and "recreation focal areas" include the Brooklyn Mountain Greenway, the Lubbers Run Greenway, the Mohawk-North Shore Greenway, the Hopatcong Recreation Hub, and the Town Center Core.
Tuesday's meeting was an opportunity for public questions and comments, particularly with regard to the definitions assigned to various land parcels around the borough. Former mayor Cliff London said he hoped the board would allow extra time for public comment in writing, to give those who couldn't make it to the meeting a chance to express any concerns. "On the whole, you've done a very good job," he said.
Board members tended to agree, with no major complaints or objections coming up during the presentation.
Eugene Reynolds, the consultant for the Land Conservancy of New Jersey who worked on the draft plan and maps, said the plan is going to be a living document that defines the existing resources and the short- and long-term goals for the borough with regard to recreation and open space management. "What we're planning here is the green infrastructure," he said. "That's what this process is about."
The next step, according to Jerry Scanlan of the Hopatcong Environmental Commission, is to incorporate any public input before bringing back a final plan for the Planning Board to adopt.

To download the full plan, go to this link . The greenway/blueway map is shown below.


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