On April 9, Mountain Lakes Crew Club traveled to Haverstraw, NY to compete in the Brickyard Sprints for their second regatta of the season. North Rockland Rowing Club hosted the event on their home “turf,” the Hudson River. With near-ideal conditions and warm temperatures for most of the day, the Lakers picked up where they left off after their first regatta winning five golds and a silver. The Lakers’ girls brought home three gold medals, winning the varsity four (with Gero, Mund, Daniela Rosen, Sullivan and coxswain Grippaldi), lightweight four (Callie Bouzane, Katie Harrs, Kenzi Dignes, Kathryn Oram and coxswain Diverio) and varsity eight races (Bouzane, Harrs, Amelia Whiting, Mund, Oram, Rosen, Dignes, Christine Nauss and coxswain Diverio).
MLCC’s boys won gold in the varsity four (Walsh, Vyff, Brian Wilkens, Scott Bouzane and coxswain Putz) and varsity eight races (Walsh, Vyff, Evan Watson, Darian Parsey, Bouzane, Conner, Hickox, Matt Abate and coxswain Putz), and took silver in the lightweight four race (Parsey, Wilkens, Bouzane, Abate and coxswain Kaye Weinstein).
Under the leadership of coaches Sandra Bucan, Sam Rizzo and Dan Pennisi, the 40-member team plans to compete in five more regattas this season. MLCC is looking forward to building on its early success. For more information, please visit MLCC’s web site at www.themountainlakescrewclub.com.

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