Caryle Wolahan began her journey to Lake Hopatcong at six weeks old in a canoe heading to her grandparents summer home, Camp Mohawk, on Halsey Island. It was there that her love of the lake grew and for the next 68 years she spent each summer on Lake Hopatcong.


Caryle WolahanCaryle’s family spent summers on Halsey Island with her grandparents, who were Shakespearean actors and discovered the lake when they would perform in the hotels during the summer circuit. Eventually her parents purchased a house two doors down from her grandparents and directly across from the Main Lake Market-formerly Prospect Point Boat Yard. The property was the former camp on Halsey Island known as “Ru-Me-Nuf."


“My family has owned lake property since 1925. All of my life this lake has been home to me, especially Halsey Island. This is where my roots are- where I spent many wonderful summers learning to operate a power boat long before I was 13 years old, and water skied everyday with my brother and cousin and other island friends,” said Caryle.


Caryle joined the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club in 1955 as an independent junior where she learned to sail competitively, racing Thistle sailboats weekly. She recalls spending many fun times at the club as a teen and is still an active member today, along with some of her former junior friends dating back to the 50’s. She is the Fleet Surgeon, substitutes on the race committee, teaches CPR courses, and coordinates blood drives for the yacht club. One funny junior memory I have is when the juniors were having a progressive dinner.  Appetizers were at the club then soup was at my house on Halsey.  I went to the club in my boat for the appetizers.  When it came time to leave, all the other juniors jumped into boats, including mine, while I was calling my mother to notify her that we were on our way.  When I went to get into my boat, all the boats were gone, including mine, leaving me at the club while they all went to my house,” she recalls.A widow at a young age, Caryle raised her son Tim on the lake giving him the great lake summers she had. Tim also spent summers at the yacht club eventually marrying Kim Rosevear, whose family also has roots in the yacht club. “My family is primarily Tim who also grew up at the lake and club.  Kim and Tim have known each other all their lives.  I have three wonderful grandchildren and the daughter I never had in Kim. The Rosevears are like immediate family to me,” said Caryle. 

 Caryle owned her parent’s home on Halsey Island until 1993 when she bought her next home in Byram Cove. Although Caryle no longer owns a lake house she is on the lake either at the yacht club or visiting the Rosevears' lake house at least once a week.



Caryle earned a BS degree in nursing from Wagner College on Staten Island, and later an MS and PhD from Columbia. She was employed by Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, taught nursing at Trenton State College, eventually becoming the Dean for a nursing program in NYC, and Dean and teacher of nursing at Adelphi University School of Nursing.


Although retired the medical profession is still in her blood…or anyone interested in donating.


Caryle runs an annual blood drive held at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club. This year the drive is on August 21st from 9:30-2:30. It is open to the community- on and around the lake and walk-ins are welcome. “The blood drive is important because there is a severe shortage of blood. It is especially true in the summer when people tend not to give blood. One pint of blood can save the lives of three people. More people need blood than there is blood available.  All types are needed.  O negative blood is the most desirable because anyone can receive it; it is considered the universal donor.  Every two seconds someone in the US needs blood and one out of every ten people admitted to the hospital needs blood. Donating blood is a safe process and does not cause disease,” said Caryle.When Caryle is not volunteering her time she enjoys spending time with friends and family. 


What is your favorite lake destination?

My favorite destination is Halsey Island.  It is quiet and peaceful and you can never have unexpected company. I miss spending summers there.  I liked to sit on the swing that was hung between our two trees by the lake and read. 


What is your earliest lake memory?

My earliest memory is of being with my grandmother when I was about 4 years old.  The Dugan man delivered bread and powdered donuts to the house in the morning.  He tied up his boat and walked up to the house with what my grandmother ordered.  I thought that getting Dugan by boat was exciting.  That same afternoon an excursion boat picked us up and took us for a ride around the lake, this was in 1946.  I also fondly remember the beautiful clear, weed free water of the 40's and 50's. 


Describe your perfect summer day on the lake.

For me now, a perfect summer day is being a Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club with my family.  Following that is being there and sitting in one of the rockers reading or on the Rosevear’s porch with Sandy, Burt and all the kids enjoying family fun.  

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