Leslie Sullivan will turn 18 years old in November, an age typically associated with an additional degree of independence and responsibility. Leslie SullivanBut Leslie remembers when she first felt independent. “I was 13 and had passed my boating test. When I got my license in the mail I remember feeling so grown up,” she said. “The next summer I had a 16-foot-boat of my own. Nothing felt more independent than boating alone or with friends out on the lake.” Leslie has spent summers on the lake for as long as she can remember. She is active in the junior program of the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club, serving two terms as president. As president she was instrumental in planning and coordinating fundraisers and activities. Leslie also takes photos for the yacht club’s website and has been a member of the club’s publicity committee. “There is no place I’d rather be than on Lake Hopatcong for the summers. And to be part of a club with kids and families you’ve known all your life makes it that much better,” she said.ff_-_leslie_sunset.jpg Leslie may be recognized for her recent work around the lake as she and her friend and business partner, Austin Thumm, provided ice cream to the boats anchored out on the lake throughout the summer.“Austin came up with the idea. All winter we talked about creating an ice cream business and calling it, Ice-Cream-A-Float. Leslie recalled seeing different kinds of food delivery services out on the bay when she was visiting a friend down the shore. She also mentioned seeing pizza delivery service on the lake not long ago. After putting pencil to paper and figuring out their expenses, the business partners set out to see if there was a possible demand for their service. “I’d have to say that my neighbor Gino is our best customer, but after a few weeks we were developing our own sense of business and rapport with our customers. We actually had ‘regular customers’ calling us over when they saw us,” Leslie said. “I think it was as much fun for them as it was for us.” At first Leslie played a familiar ice cream song in her stereo but says after a while the jingle wasn’t necessary. They were consistent with their inventory and business hours, so people expected them to show up with their ice cream.The partners had business shirts made up, and purchased a dry erase board they use as a menu, creating a more professional appearance.“It was fun and I think a lot of people loved the idea of door-to-door, or boat-to-boat service.”  The usual questions:  What is your first memory of Lake Hopatcong? I remember decorating my bike when I was really little, like four years old, and marching in the July 4th children’s parade at the yacht club. But I also remember that incredible feeling of when I first got up and stayed up on water skis.  What is your favorite lake destination? Alice’s Restaurant. I love going there with my friends and with my family. I love the water bottles and the atmosphere there. Describe your perfect lake day. The perfect day on the lake would include blistering heat, the kind where you need to go swimming! Lots of boats in Byram Cove, friends, and family, a BBQ and of course a rainbow and a stunning sunset.

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