Last week, August 13-17, the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club held the annual “Sail around Halsey Island” race. This is a culminating event for the sailing season and has been held since the early 1960’s. The wind and weather were not perfect until Friday when the Team class had their race.
The Opti Fleet, LHYC’s youngest group of sailors, started on Monday in the rain.  Coach Brian Kitchin supplied Hefty trash bags for rain gear.  The kids finished, rounding a buoy near the northern tip of Halsey Island.
Friday was the perfect day for the Team Class 420 Fleet. They have been sailing competitively all summer, including races down at the New Jersey Shore. There was a stiff south wind and the kids could really show off their skills. Most of them went east around Halsey, but #6231 Cathleen Murphy and Angus Dickinson chose to
to go west around Halsey and came in a close 4th.
Winners of each class:
Beginner Class - Opti Fleet
1st place:  Olivia Oberman & Sydney Ostolaza - Sail # LHYC 4optis_400w
2nd place:  Michael Prezioso & Kai Nichols - Sail # 3042
3rd place:  Teddy Martin & Charlie Oberman - Sail # LHYC 3
Intermediate Class - Opti Fleet
1st place:  William Muzyl - Sail # LHYC 5
2nd place:  Camryn Hussey - Sail # USA 5773
3rd place:  Grace Murphy - Sail # LHYC 6
Intermediate Class - 420 Fleet
1st place:  Tyler Muzyl & Gabriella Sanchez - Sail # RAMS 3
2nd place:  Ryan Wanamaker & Erik Intoccia - Sail # RAMS 4
Team Class - 420 Fleet
1st place - Meghan Murphy & Brett Restrick - Sail # RAMS 4
2nd place - Brielle Malanga & Charlie Perlett - Sail # OCC 9
3rd place - Daniel Dill & Thomas Hussey - Sail # 5699

                                                                                                                  Optis at the finish. Photo courtesy of Kim Hussey  

HalsRace_0168 HalsRace_0169



George Malanga and Augustina Dickinson catch some rays while Meghan Murphy and Brett Restrick try to catch a breeze.


The Dill sisters, Sarah and Seton, watching the race from the Lakeland Marine Base dock.


Meghan Murphy and Brett Restrick in the lead as they go around Halsey.

HalsRace_0132Cathleen Murphy and Angus Dickinson choose to go around the west side of Halsey and placed a close 4th.

HalsRace_0168 HalsRace_0169 optis_400w

1st place - Meghan Murphy & Brett Restrick, 2nd place - Brielle Malanga & Charlie Perlett, and 3rd place - Daniel Dill & Thomas Hussey.


The 420 fleet finishing up at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club.


Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club Sailing Team. Group photos courtesy of Carol Kitchin.


The Team: Coaches Greg Kitchin, Brian Kitchin, and Augustina Dickinson. Sailors Cathleen Murphy, Charlie Perlett, Brielle Malanga, Angus Dickinson, Brett Restrick, Meghan Murphy, Patrick Dill, Chris Quaranta, Daniel Dill, Matt Litchfield, Thomas Hussey, Michael Flinn, Ralph Quaranta and Nick Prezioso.

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