On June 4, the 6th grade students were called to the library under the guise of an assembly with Mr. Benfatti. Mr. Benfatti finished his short speech and turned things over to Ms. Kouris, who read an excerpt from the novel, saving mr. terupt, the third book in the mr. terupt series written by Rob Buyea. The excerpt focused on a scene in which Mr Terupt talks about the fact that he loves surprises, particularly the kind that he knows about and gets to spring upon the unsuspecting. With that, Ms. Kouris called out to Mr. Buyea, who was secreted away in the back room of the library. He emerged to cheers and shouts of joy emanating from the excited 6th graders.  Having read the first book in the series, because of mr. terupt, for their summer reading assignment, the second book, mr. terupt falls again, in the fall, and the third book, saving mr. terupt, in the spring, the students were very well acquainted with each of the characters in the series and were already quite enamored with the author.
After Mr. Buyea gave a presentation about his writing process, the 6th grade students participated in a workshop facilitated by him. As the students wrote, Buyea walked around the room and read aloud excerpts from many of their pieces to highlight their accomplishments. The students were excited and eager to share their work with him and receive feedback.
Afterward, the students enthusiastically shared their reflections about this experience, overwhelmingly expressing enjoyment and appreciation.

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