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Memorial Day Weekend gets off to a foggy start-

but it didn't stop these enthusiasts from enjoying a ride on the lake. Steve Hecht, Ryan Stevens and his dad, Paul Stevens stopped by the Main Lake Market for some coffee and conversation. Steve, of Caldwell NJ,  and his patio boat were patriotically decked out with the stars and stripes. His friends Ryan and Paul are from Franklin Township, near Princeton, NJ. "I' ve been coming to the lake for the past 25 years" Steve said proudly.

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Paul Stevens, Ryan Stevens and Steve Hecht 

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Paul, Steve and Ryan enjoying the big window at the Main Lake Market

While enjoying some "Elephants never forget" peanut butter and chocolate ice cream the resident Bald Eagle flew  right over my head. A great sign!


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Later that afternoon, Kyra Topor of Madison, NJ and Emma Restrick of New York City zipped in on their waverunner  for sandwiches and some of Todd's famous chili. They are staying at Emma's summer house in Byram and will be competing in this weekend's Yacht Club regatta this Saturday 5-26, Sunday  5-27 and Monday 5-28.


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